About Elle

Despite being just 31 years old, Elizabeth “Elle” Madrigal is a graphic designer and front-end web developer with over 20 years of paid experience on the web. After learning HTML at the age of 10 and Photoshop at the age of 11 they began their long and prolific career of designing for the web. Since this time they have continued to keep up to date with current scripts and design trends. Currently, Elle is employed as a Design Lead at Emerald Expositions, where they use their experience to design pieces for both print and digital that communicate the value trade shows can add to your business.

Sample List of Clients


Wordpress Theme Development
Corporate Branding

Career highlights:

  • First domain ownership at age 13
  • Started freelancing at age 13
  • Commissioned print brochure at age 16
  • First job working in the web at age 20
  • Started first salaried position in the industry in 2011
  • Started first formal training in graphic and web design in 2013