• Age 10-13

    Baby Geek

    I learned Photoshop and HTML between fifth and sixth grade, driven by a desire to be a better artist and show my work. In the 8th grade I started to do small freelance projects for fellow classmates and for online friends.

  • Age 14-18

    Teen Nerd

    High school was about becoming as prolific of a designer as possible. This is where I learned the valuable skills of keeping up with trends, including learning evolving web languages.

  • Age 19-22

    Tech Newbie

    I started my first part- and full-time work first as a student assistant in university and later as a salaried in-house web artist. This period involved learning about how to work in a group, and how to be a successful freelancer.

  • Age 23 and on

    Young Professional

    A few years on, I am now beginning to get positions above entry-level. I am looking forward to keep this forward momentum going as I settle into what I am striving to be a lifelong career.

  • Lifelong